Our DeeJays range from the basic Party Format, which is an attractively priced package built on a reliable and lively jockey with a well rounded playlist, computer and sound system. Always a good mix for corporate events, weddings, and bar and batmitvahs. Requests accepted, preferably in advance.

For the more adventurous, we have the Urban Format, where you can have a top dual turntable remixer with an ultra current live show- ideal for discerning ravers and aficionados. Styles include Top 40 Mashups, House, Acid House and Deep House, Chill, Electronica, Reggae, Breakbeat, Rock, Old Skul R&B, etc, etc. Internationally known spinners are available. Sound system provided if required. No drugs ever on any of our events!

Our Deejays can be the answer to a perfect party, especially if preceded by a live group such as Sass'n'Class or even something small like Cool Moods , LoungeLuxe, or Solo Flight


Specialty Talent Dee Jay and Karaoke services are the simple and cost effective answer for any event! There are more options than ever thought possible embodied in this talent option. This award winning Dee Jay comes complete with over 4000 songs on computer just right for background music, theme parties, and dance parties, as well as 2600 songs for karaoke fun! Any blend of background, foreground, theme, or interactive playlists is possible, and the performance always comes complete with dance and karaoke request booklets for guests. You can be sure that the right mix of dance material, including the classic oldies, disco and current favorites, will keep any demographic of  dance party going strong, and the well organized and flexible karaoke feature will create an exciting and bonding environment for any crowd!

We can also provide International DeeJays using the revolutionary Emulator Kontrol 


Solo Flight Jazzy Fare

Solo Flight is the ideal answer for any entertainment question. 

This is the most bang for the buck in all respects! A classy, studio-quality fullness that sounds like a larger band (without the excessive volume); an affordable price tag (with additional volume booking discounts); and a smooth and inviting format that suits weddings, restaurants, receptions, brunches, malls, poolside events, product launches, and office parties. 

Solo Flight can even be concert style foreground and hold the attention of a large audience.... then recede to the background if required. Complimentary microphone, and even MC'ing upon request.

Solo Flight performs in tuxedo, business casual, or west coast stylish, as needed. Perfect amplification makes this format suitable for 30-300 pax. Guitar or percussion can be added for a more exciting sound, and a 'chill vibe' can be performed as 'LoungeLuxe'.

Relax and enjoy the delicious sounds of Solo Flight.

Gabriel performs Jazzy Standards  as Solo Flight 

Gabriel performs Casually as Solo Flight

Gabriel performs Smooth Originals as Solo Flight

Gabriel performs on TV

The naked truth!


Solo Flight Holiday Fare

Solo Flight is the simple, fun, and cost effective solution for great Holiday Season entertainment.

Ideal for brunches, lounges, restaurants, malls, and receptions, Solo Flight will delight and warm you!

For that extra sparkle, you can add guitar.

Solo Flight can also perform smooth jazz and jazz standards, with optional vocals, and even expand to a combo.....

More audio samples of Jazzy and Latin Holiday tunes performed as Solo Flight, or in small group. 

Medley 1
Medley 2
Medley 3