Venetian Water Opera Duo

How would you like to enter the magical world of Venice at Carnival time? Or travel the silk road from the Orient to the Mediterranean?

The Venetian Water Opera Duo is a marvelously magical presentation with Mehlinda Heartt - Soprano, and Anna Victoria - Mezzo Soprano, dressed in Venetian Costumes singing Opera duets by famous Italian, French and modern Master Composers. 

The Venetian Water Opera Duo songs are about Water, Zephyrs, Gondolas, Flowers, including classics like  Offenbach's Belle Nuit, Delibes' Flower Duet, Rossini's Regata Veneziana,  La Pesca, the Popular Prayer, and Time to Say Goodbye,  and many more. Also included are a couple of solo arias such as Il Bacio (the Kiss) and Gita in Gondolier. 

This show is visually spectacular and audibly stunning, a perfect act for any private or corporate function indoors or out. The act may be as long as 15 minutes or 30 minutes,  or disbursed throughout the evening with short 2 or 3 songs at a time, and may be combined with Dolce Vita Voices for complete coverage. 

Sound system is included, all that is required is a power source.
And take note of the expanded format for discerning audiences....