Christmas and Mall Entertainment

SPECIALTY TALENT has provided stellar Holiday Entertainment for over 20 years, including large-scale events such as Santa Arrivals and Parades

as well as Harpists, Flutists, Carolers, Guitarists, Pianists, and Strolling Musicians of all sorts

Well known recording artist Gabriel Mark Hasselbach has delightfully jazzy holiday program, and can work solo, duo, or as a small group (with or without vocals).

Here is an audio sample of his warm and inviting style!

Here are a few specifics:

Harp and Flute

Christmas Duo (guitar and winds)

Specialty Talent even offers Opera themed performances



Harp and Tromba

Flugelhorn Around The Tree

Flugelhorn and Guitar

Christmas Troubadors Play at Centercourt

Swingin' Santas Play for Shoppers

Lounge Luxe Plays Holiday Favourites

Christmas Swing