Sassabrass Specialty Talent Overview 2017


I thought I would send over some info so we can get up to speed, I would love to be your supplier again!

I still do lots of corporate events and also perform locally and internationally:

..... and you can see my current and longstanding corporate references at

My music career is thriving, but I find it works best with each brand as its own entity, so I have divided it promotionally between:
1) Gabriel the recording artist, with six Billboard Top 20s, and who does international jazz festivals and concerts worldwide). See more:

2) Sassabrass Specialty Talent, where my own name is not prominent, geared for more transparent corporate events. Sometimes the twain shall meet, but Gabriel the Artist is usually presented as a talent option provided by Sassabrass, not as the driving force. Since we worked together last, I have created an even wider-reaching and diverse talent resource, including my Agent Friendly site where talent can be viewed by you and your clients without fear of circumvention or price comparisons. 

My most requested options are (in order of cost):

Solo Flight (that's me with my album tracks and classic jazz): 

Lounge Luxe (duo with album and classic jazz tracks:

Cool Moods trio or quartet- can also do awards walk-ons:

Zen Soundscapes (from 1 to 5 pieces, ideal for First Nations, Eco, and Green themed events:
Royal Museum: 
Capilano Bridge: 
Li'l Wat Centre:

Gabriel Mark Hasselbach (semi foreground feature performer):  

Sass'n'Class 4- 8 pc dinner dance and show band:

Sassabrass Orchestra (gala events with singer revue): 
With Crooners and Divas: 
With 'Satchmo': 
With Buble 1998: 
With Swingdancers: 

Also providing harpists, solo guitar, opera duos, blues and rock bands, all talent guaranteed.

Here is a little backstory and some luv in print:

OK, that should get the wheels turning! 
Don't forget that I am US/CDN dual, and I have US musicians here in Vancouver and in Seattle/AZ/LA etc that can cross the border to perform without visas!

Let's try to work together again!!!
Gabriel Mark Hasselbach  
Juno Award winner, Billboard Charting Recording Artist, and Album of the Year winner 2011    
1-877-341-3477 toll free  604-736-2153 o.  604-218-1785 direct
complete entertainment services at:


Beautiful Christmas Music

Beautiful Christmas Music at Bentall 5!

 Harp and Flute/EVI

Horn, flute, guitar, keys

More to come!



Gabriel as Solo Flight- versatile, entertaining & cost effective

Gabriel Mark Hasselbach has been in demand on the Vancouver scene for many years and has fine-tuned the art of entertaining with a band, and as a solo act for restaurant, corporate and public audiences in intimate venues, as well as larger lounges, ie: The Hard Rock Casino, which was a solo gig.

He has a compelling, full sound when performing as a solo act on trumpet, flute, flugelhorn, and vocals, using backing tracks from his many award-winning albums (JUNO, Album of the Year, Instrumentalist of the Year, etc), and classic favourites for the well-heeled crowd.

Gabriel will design a custom performance playlist for your restaurant/lounge or your gala event. He has created a wide demographic solo show that has served him well with regular solo gigs at Hard Rock Casino Lounge (3 yrs), Bin 101 (1 yr), Ten Ten Tapas (4 yrs), Pinnacle Hotel Lounge (3 yrs), Sylvia Hotel (3 yrs occasional) Monk McQueens (5 yrs at 6 nights a week), Dockside Granville Island (3 yrs), Hotel Vancouver (1 yr 6 nights a week), REACH Gala at Tsawwassen Springs and Tsawwassen Mills (4 yrs), etc. 

He is very engaging with any audience and will alternate between a foreground performance and a background ambience that suits your venue at any given time throughout the night (sometimes the crowd wants to talk and sometimes they want to be entertained).  

  1. internationally recognized: and more
  2. versatile- can start classic jazz and morph into smooth or funky jazz-pop (samples below)
  3. small footprint, and can relocate from foyer to main room if needed, sound provided
  4. see extensive Corporate references and Client testimonials, and unsolicited Letters of Appreciation: 12.  and why Gabriel?
Gabriel has been doing corporate events with panache and have a long list of repeat clients, let's team up!


Beautiful Maria of My Soul 

Comin' Home For Mardi Gras

Gabriel's Solo Flight on Global TV

Gabriel as Solo Flight- Jazzy Standards

Solo Flight - Gabriel 

Basin St. Blues - Gabriel at Ten Ten Tapas 2

Solo Flight - Gabriel at Ten Ten Tapas 3

Pop repertoire:

Classical repertoire:


SoloFlight - the perfect option for restaurants

Gabriel Mark Hasselbach has been on the Vancouver scene for many years and has fine tuned the art of attracting (and keeping) crowds to restaurants and lounges such as Hotel Vancouver 'Roof', Monk McQueens, The Dockside, The Hard Rock Casino, The Blue Martini, and Ten Ten Tapas. He will create an ambiance that makes customers stay longer, order more, and come back again and again! 

Gabriel's Solo Flight on Global TV

Solo Flight - Gabriel plays to the packed patio

Solo Flight - Gabriel at Ten Ten Tapas 2

Solo Flight - Gabriel at Ten Ten Tapas 3

Basin St. Blues - Gabriel at Ten Ten Tapas 4



Harpistry for Weddings and Corporate events

Harpistry is the essence of the Angel's harp. Incorporating the history of this wondrous instrument with the passion of the artist's soul, Harpistry will underscore the memorable moments you create. Performance is classical, romantic, interpretive, and accessible as required. Presented in formal wear from any romantic era. Harpistry can also perform as the Venetian Water Duo, in Renaissance or medeival attire.

Harpistry song choices

Wedding Processionals: 
Canon in D -J. Pachebel
Bridal Chorus- R. Wagner
To Go Beyond- Enya
City of Isabel (Renaissance style)- Vangelis
Trumpet Voluntary -Clarke

Signing of the Registry:
Prelude in C- J.S. Bach
Jesu Joy of Mans Desiring -J.S Bach
Sheep may safely graze -J.S Bach
Watermark -Enya
Ave Maria ( Voice and Harp )- F. Schubert
Marble Halls- Enya
Story Book Love ( Princess Bride)
Sonata Follia ( Saraband) 1700 )- A. Corelli
Romance ( Song of the garden )18th century
To go Beyond -Enya
Lothlorien -Enya
Panis Angelicus- C. Franck

Wedding March -Mendelsshon
Pavane style renaissance 19th century- P. Wachs
The Celts- Enya
Orinico Flow ( Sail Away )- Enya
Trumpet Voluntary 17th century- J.Clarke
Water Music Finale- G.F. Handel
Rondeau (Masterpiece theatre theme)- Mouret 

Medieval and Renaissance:
Handa 13th cent. 
Cantiga 13th cent. 
Dolce Amoroso
Ballo Fatto
Greensleeves 15th cent. Henry VIIIth
Lai et Rotrouenge Richard 1, "Lion Heart"
Love Renaissance style (harp and voice)- Heartt
Chi passa per stra strada (Renaissance harp and voice) 

Irish/Celtic Selections:
She moved through the fair
Lark in the clear air
the Lark in the morning
Maids of mourne shore
Danny boy
Gartan Mothers lullaby
Wedding waltz
Wearing of the green
Believe me if those endearing young charms

17th Century: 
Prelude- H. Purcell
Adagio in G minor- T. Albinoni
Menuet -J. Krieger
Napolitaine -G.P Telemann
Musette- J.S Bach
Sonata Follia -A. Corelli
Quel plaisir d'aymer sans contrainte 
(Opera Thesee)(harp and voice) -J.B Lully
Musette (Opera Callirhroe)
(harp and voice)- J.B Lully
Chaconne (Opera Acis and Galatee)
(harp and voice) -J.B Lully
Aimons, tout nous y convie (Opera Thesee)
(harp and voice)- J.B Lully

18th Century:
Serenade ( Eine Kleine Nachtmusik ) -W.A Mozart
Romance (Eine Kliene Nachtmusik) -W. A Mozart
Andante ( Sonata in C )- W.A Mozart
Deh Vienni non Tardar (Marriage of Figaro)
(harp and voice) -W. A Mozart
Four Seasons (Spring and winter)- A.Vivaldi
Largo (Ombra mai fu) -G.F Handel
Hallelujah Chorus -G.F Handel
Air with Variation (Harmonious Blacksmith)- G.F Handel
Concerto in D Andante Largo -A. Vivaldi 
Nel Cor (harp and Voice) -Paisiello 
O Sleep (Opera Semele) (Harp and voice)- G.F handel 
Trumpet Voluntary -Clarke 
Watermusik -G.F Handel
Rondeau (masterpiece theatre)- Mouret

19th Century:
Lakme British airways theme song -Delibes
Santa Lucia ( Voice and harp)- Neopolitan song
Signore Ascolta (Turandot) (harp and voice)- Puccini 
O Mio Babbino -(Gianni schicchi)
(harp and voice) -Puccini
Ode to Joy (joyful , joyful) -Beethoven

20th Century:
Enya Selections:- Enya
Lothlorien -Enya
Marble Hall- Enya
On your Shore- Enya
The Celts -Enya
Watermark -Enya
Orinico Flow (Sail Away) -Enya
To Go Beyond- Enya
Epona- Enya
Everything I do I do for you- Brian Adams
Story Book Love -(Princess Bride) 
A time for us (Romeo and Juliet)- N. Rota
Think of me ( Phantom ) -Andrew Lloyd Weber
All I ask of you -Andrew Lloyd Weber
My Heart will go on (Titanic) -Jennings
Somewhere my Love ( Dr. Zhivago) -Webster
First time ever I saw your face- E. MacColl
Somewhere (West side story)- L. Bernstein
Angels Among Us -(harp and voice)

Original Compositions: (M. Heartt)
Vision of Ateria 
Dance on ice 
Snow Giraffes 
Cat Waltz 
Dance of the moonstar 
Sunset Garden of Athena 
Snow Babies 
Millenium Portrait
Millenium dance

Erev Shel Shoshanim
Ki B Simcho
Simantov Mazelton
Sunrise Sunset

Quan Yin Garden M. Heartt
O Sire entreat me (Opera Turandot) arrg. by M. Heartt
Garden 96 Voice/Harp M. Heartt
Celebration Voice /Harp M. Heartt
other well known traditional selections 
presently being arranged

La Paloma ( Mex. Traditional )
Concerto de Aranguez Albinez
Asturias Leyenda 
Spanish dance ( Opera: Carmen ) G. Bizet

Some songs not listed. Well known religious hymns for 
traditional church weddings available for harp and voice.
Harp with 2 voices and flute also available


Specialty Talent Video Links

Sassabrass Specialty Talent Overview 


Solo Flight (jazzy standards, formal)

Solo Flight (cocktails and dinner, casual)

Cool Moods Trio (grand opening of Tiffany & Co.)

Cool Moods Quartet (at a gala event)

Harpistry (classical and new age)

Dolce Vita Voices (opera)

Rossi (solo guitar)

Lounge Luxe Duo (jazzy standards)

String Quartet (classical, wedding, pop)

Acoustic Groove Duo (light acoustic pop)


Sass'n'Class XXXL Dance Party & Showband #1 (10 pc)

Sass'n'Class XXL Dance Party & Showband #2 (8 pc)

Sass'n'Class XL Dance Party & Showband #3 (6 pc)

Sass'n'Class Dance Party band #4 (4 pc)

Sass'n'Class Dinner, Dance and Showband #5 (First Dance at wedding)

Sass'n'Class Dinner, Dance and Showband #6 (Jewish horas)  

Sassabrass XXXXL Orchestra (18 pc big band sounds)

Gabriel sings

Specialty Talent Deejays and Lounge Entertainment


Bentall Tenant Event - Greek Days

Here are clips of the Greek themed Tenant Appreciation Event at Bentall Towers, sponsored by the good folks at Ivanhoe Cambridge Property Mgmt. 

Show runner: Real Solutions Marketing; Talent coordination: Sassabrass Specialty Talent; Catering: Blue Ketchup; Photobooth: Pixstar; Performers:Yannis and Friends; Dancers: Diaspora Hellenic Dance Group; Actor: Amos Mitchell

More info at


The Blues Busters at Bentall Summer Concerts

It was a great end-of-summer show with the The Blues Busters!

Clips of The Blues Busters performing at Bentall Summer Concert Series, Vancouver, sponsored by the good folks at Ivanhoe Cambridge Property Mgmt.

Featuring Cecile LaRochelle (vox), Lindsay Mitchell (guitar), Billy Mendoza (bass), Loren Etkin (drums), Dave Webb (keys), Keith Bennett (harp), Gabriel Hasselbach (trumpet).