Gabriel as Solo Flight- versatile, entertaining & cost effective

Gabriel Mark Hasselbach has been on the Vancouver scene for many years and has fine-tuned the art of entertaining with a band, and as a solo act for restaurant, corporate and public audiences in intimate venues, as well as large halls, ie: The Hard Rock Casino, which was a solo gig.

He has a compelling, full sound when performing as a solo act on trumpet, flute, flugelhorn, and vocals, using backing tracks from his many award-winning albums (JUNO, Album of the Year, Instrumentalist of the Year, etc), and also designs custom playlists for Gala Dinners, and Restaurants/Lounges, such as the Pinnacle at the Pier Lounge, Fairmont Hotel Vancouver 'Roof', Fairview Pub, Sylvia Hotel, Monk McQueens, Dockside Brewing, Ancora Dining, Blue Martini, and 2013-2017 at Ten Ten Tapas. 

He will create a foreground performance or background ambience that suits your Theme or Demographic. Musical styles can even include classical themes, which can morph through styles as the evening progresses.... Jazzy Christmas music is also spot on!

  1. internationally recognized: and more
  2. versatile- can start classic jazz and morph into smooth or funky jazz-pop (samples below)
  3. small footprint, and can move from foyer to ballroom if needed, sound provided
  4. see extensive Corporate references and Client testimonials, and unsolicited Letters of Appreciation: 12.  and why Gabriel?
He has been doing corporate events with panache and have a long list of repeat clients, let's team up!


Beautiful Maria of My Soul 

Gabriel's Solo Flight on Global TV

Gabriel as Solo Flight- Jazzy Standards

Solo Flight - Gabriel 

Basin St. Blues - Gabriel at Ten Ten Tapas 2

Solo Flight - Gabriel at Ten Ten Tapas 3

Pop repertoire:

Classical repertoire: