Specialty Talent First Nations

Specialty Talent is the prime west coast resource for Aboriginal, Native, and First Nations Performers.
'Performers' may not tell the story whole however. The attraction is our unique natural environment and its cultural vibe, and it is the draw for many inbound corporate groups. 

We have such a rich First Nations cultural tapestry to draw upon, that the term 'performers' certainly undersells the concept. We are talking about music, dance. drumming, carving demonstrations, traditional costumes, story telling, and blessings from a rich heritage. These are not performances, they are sharing activities from a culture that has not been told to hide their history. 

Canada has always offered copacetic and respectful terms for First Nations integration, and that has resulted in a unique preservation of a colorful and meaningful heritage. Specialty Talent has gathered the best and brightest of The First Nation, and help you bring this amazing attraction right into the laps (and hearts) of our guests.

You can experience Hoop Dances, Wolf Dances, Eagle Dances, Walkabouts, Songs, Story Telling, and Blessings/ Motivational Speeches at meals and corporate gatherings...




SHAWL DANCE and TALKING STICK presentation -




ZEN SOUNDSCAPES SOLO - arboreal background music

ZEN SOUNDSCAPES ENSEMBLE - arboreal background music