Japan is much more civilized (and advanced) than the Western World.


 #2 Drink Cans Have Names Written In Braille On The Top

#3 Japanese Fans Stayed Behind After The FIFA World Cup 2014 Match To Help Clean Up

#4 There Are Baby Seats Attached To The Wall In Most Bathrooms

#5 I Recently Gave Birth In Japan . Here Is Some Of The Hospital Food I Ate

#6 You Can Often Find This Kind Of Toilet In Japan . Wash Your Hands And Reuse The Water For Your Next Flush

#7 Japan 's Manhole Covers Are Beautiful

#8 Most Japanese Schools Don't Have Custodians. Instead, The Students Do The Cleaning Themselves As A Part Of Showing Gratitude To The School And Learning How To Become More Productive Members Of Society

#9 The Note In Japanese Says, "I Accidentally Knocked Over Your Bike And Broke The Bell . I Am Very Sorry"

#10 This Is How Smooth The Bullet Train Is In Japan

#11 I Dropped My Shopping Bag On The Streets Of Osaka And When I Went Back To Look For It Later That Day, Someone Had Placed It Next To A Tree Untouched

#12 Commuters In Tokyo Pushed A Train Car To Save A Woman Who Fell And Got Stuck Between The Car And The Platform

 #13 Koi Fishes Even Live In Drainage Channels In Japan

#14 Japanese Toilets Often Have A Button That Plays White Noise/Water Sounds So You Can Poop Without Other People Hearing Your Business

#15 Another Reason Why I Love Japan

#16 In Trains You Can Rotate The Seats In Any Direction

#17 Another Great Japanese Invention: Umbrella Lockers. So You Don't Have To Carry Them Around Inside A Building And Nobody Takes Yours 'Accidentally'

#18 This Toilet In Japan Has A System Of Occupied/Vacant Toilets Information

#19 Expectations Meet Reality In Japan

#20 This Japanese Gum I Have Came With Little Pieces Of Paper Inside For You To Spit Your Gum In To When You're Finished With It

#21 This Shopping Center In Japan Has Free Refrigerated Lockers For Your Perishables So You Can Keep Shopping After You Get Your Groceries

#22 Photo I Took Of Tokyo Commuters Waiting For Their Train

#23 At Narita International Airport ( Tokyo ) They Give You Free Origami Instead Of Candy

#24 Japanese Being Japanese

#25 This Smartphone Wiper Dispenser In Japan

#26 In Japan , Even The Deer Are Polite


From Gabriel Sent from Mobile https://goo.gl/rGW5JA